Shop Owners Submit your codes!

The Rules are Simple

Just go to any participating store the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Free to Play!

You'll get one free raffle entry just for walking in the door at each store you visit.

How to play visit entries

See something you like?
Buy it!
You’ll be on your way
to bonus tickets!

How to play eye

How to play purchase entries

Oh, and one more thing:

How to play ten percent off Buy something at one Little Boxes shop and get 10% off your purchase* at the next Little Boxes shop you visit.

Did that all make sense?

If you’re not quite sure that you got it all, let’s check out a few example scenarios.

How to play examples

Your job is Simple:
Shop and look out for codes.

Every shop will have a Visit Code on display and a secret Purchase Code they’ll give you when you make a purchase. The more you collect the more times your name will appear in our prize-picking hat!

Two ways to enter codes**

Smart Phone Users

Download the Little Boxes app for iPhone or Android and enter your codes in real-time.

Download App

Don’t have a Smartphone?

No problem! Pick up a paper passport from any participating shop and write down your codes as you shop. When you’re done shopping, head to a home computer to enter your codes to claim your raffle entries.***

*Some exceptions to the 10% discount may apply. Additional discounts may not apply.

**Pick one method and stick with it. Individual players may only claim each code one time. Entering a code into a smartphone and writing it down and entering it into a computer after you’ve finished shopping is claiming the same code twice. Winners suspected of double-entering will be disqualified.

***Codes must be entered by 11pm on the Monday following the promotion in order for your entries to be included in the prize drawings.